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Our bespoke integrated CORE services will be uniquely tailored to 'Fit your Business'


Our Expertise

Our specialists listen to the needs of your business and work with you to understand your challenges, meet specific needs of continuous improvement through your people, streamlining your support services so that your business runs seamlessly, aligns with the culture, and encourages strong cost management behaviours.




Contracts of Employment : Policies & Procedures : Employee Handbooks : Legislative Updates Job Descriptions : Employee Data : Talent Management Disciplinary & Grievances : Redundancies HR Strategy Alignment : Communications Plan : HR Business Systems : Salary and Benefits Rewards : Organisational Change : Culture : Attitude : Behaviours : Performance Development : Training & Development : Competency : Talent Management & Retention, Succession Planning : Optimisation of Costs


Sourcing the right talent, with the right expertise and behaviours, to lead and support your business Measuring Behaviour - Talent Management - Executive Search



Natural talents based on how one thinks and makes decisions


Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect engagement and passion


Natural behavioral Styles that control task completion, interpersonal interactions and direct job performance


By better understanding these CORE drivers of performance and utilizing this knowledge in Hiring, Team Building and Leading Individuals, it is possible to position people for Personal Excellence, Maximum Job Satisfaction and Performance. This is a revolutionary way to measure organisational skills and competencies to increase individual and team efficiency and effectiveness




We offer Genius Performance Workshops in Leadership, Management, Teamwork, Communication, Customer Service and Selling, including a broader spectrum of formal type training courses in Lifting Operations, Inspection, Certification and Health and Safety.
In addition we capitalise on the expertise within the CORE Team to provide bespoke SME (Subject Matter Expert) training.

This can be done on and offsite locations both in the UK and Internationally.


The development of People is key to an organisations success.  To change the results we need to change behaviours.  In order to change behaviours, we need to know what our current behaviours are.

What behaviours as a Team are critical to the success of a business?
How would the wrong behaviours Impact on your Business? 
CORE have the tools and expertise to establish and develop this.


CORE's profling tool and 1:1 coaching techniques will ensure our Clients have the right talent leading and supporting their business culture.  The data produced from our profiling tool can also help retrain Leadership Teams, Management and Employees to think in a different way.



Customer Profiling : Tender / Bid Support : Contract Management : Account Management : Business Development / Sales : Commercial We work with our Clients to develop Supply Chain Strategies aligned with business goals. From Market Analysis to securing revenue generating sales and retaining customers for the long term. CORE can support through the selection and use of the appropriate tools and techniques to maximise business performance and add value and efficiency to customers.


Contract Management : Category Management : Negotiation : Warehousing : Logistics / Export Control : Resource Planning : Quality Performance From Spend Analysis through to the management of the supply and utilisation of goods and services, CORE can support organisations to Maximise Effective Results (M.E.R.) through the selection and use of the appropriate tools and techniques to maximise business performance.


Specification : Process Development and Implementation : Management System Development and Deployment : Testing CORE can help map out processes that link the different parts of an organisation and identify areas of efficiency and value creation. This will give an organisation the opportunity to either consider an ERP system with a detailed scope of requirements or work across the organisation to better co-ordinate current systems and databases to work more effectively with each other.



CORE provide and apply UK and Internationally recognised standards and best practices to evaluate, implement and perform, ensuring suitable and sufficient compliance within health, safety, environmental and quality. Our strategic direction and intention is always aligned with our Clients’ requirements to both support and deliver company objectives and commitments, including a continuous improvement programme that supports the Client end product.


Increase Safety : Reduce Risk : Better Recovery : Accelerate Production : Reduce CAPEX : Reduce OPEX CORE will help you identify how and where the Technology / Solution can add value. 'Right Technology/Solution, Right Time, Safely Implemented.


How CORE support our Clients: Initial Introductory Meeting : Awareness Training Session : GDPR Baseline Review : GDPR Baseline Report and Implementation Plan : Additional Services From our Baseline Readiness Review CORE provide you with our Findings and Implementation Plan. This will indicate any shortcomings in compliance and areas of rectification in order to be GDPR compliant (This is not an Audit of the Data Inventory a Company holds). Core's additional ongoing services include: Implementation Services : DPO Services ; Audit Services

Your business will be in safe hands

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